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About Us

The owners of Puppy Pooper Pick Up are dog owners themselves. The husband-and-wife team, Dave and Carie, were married a few years back and were both without a dog to call their own, though have always had dogs prior to meeting each other. During the beginning of the pandemic, the yearning for getting a pup was calling so they brought home an adorable 12-week-old Husky/Australian Shepard mini mix and named this beautiful little creature Luna. Luna is the sweetest dog they have ever had, though she can be a bit stubborn at times. Luna also serves as the company mascot!

As for professionalism and work ethics, Carie and Dave work hard and play hard. Both have been in the “corporate world” for decades, with Dave managing departments of up to 225 employees in the customer service arena for over 20 years. Dave has also been in the health, wellness and fitness industry for several years and attributes much of his energy and drive from being a previous fitness trainer, a professional triathlon coach and an Ironman triathlete. Carie is the brains of the outfit, with over 12 years of being a business intelligence analyst for one of the nations largest drug store chains. Carie is also a fitness nut who enjoys weightlifting, cardio, swimming and mountain biking. The two of them are a dynamic duo for sure!

With decades of management and customer service experience, as well as knowing how to professionally run a business, Dave serves as the Chief Puppy Pooper Pick Up Officer. Dave has left the corporate world far behind to enjoy being in the great outdoors, spending time with dogs, meeting new people, and building a fun and exciting business for all animal lovers to take advantage of.

What sets us apart from our competitors? On a serious note, we care about dogs (actually, all animals) a ton! We take pride in donating 1% of all gross sales to a local “no-kill” shelter. We believe that every animal deserves a fighting chance and we do not promote euthanizing our furry friends. And let’s talk about the environment for a moment. Plastic is filling up our landfills and destroying our lands, forests and oceans. Puppy Pooper Pick Up is committed to using Eco-Friendly biodegradable bags to help combat against excessive plastic use.