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FAQ's Puppy Pooper

What areas are you currently serving?

We focus on the South Salt Lake County cities such as West Jordan, South Jordan, Riverton, Herriman, Bluffdale, Sandy and Draper. If you are outside these areas, give us a shout anyway just in case we can make an exception. More cities to come soon.

What are your hours of operation?

Typically, our schedule is Monday thru Friday, 7 am to 5 pm. However, we are flexible and can make weekend appointments for those special occasions such as backyard BBQ’s, weddings, graduation parties and so on. Weekend appointments need to be scheduled in advance. We observe major holiday’s such as New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. Though there may be exceptions to the rule if you are planning a summer-time bash on any given summer holiday, with advanced notice and approval.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, you simply need to give us a 24-hour notice if you decide to cancel your pick up. The only paper we have you sign is allowing us on your property and ensuring our safety from your pets.

What exactly do you pick up?

Well dog poop of course. Please note that we will not rake leaves, prune hedges, paint your fence or mow your yard. We will double check our work to ensure that no poop is left behind. Of course, if there are certain areas of your yard that are off-limits, just let us know.

What do you do with the poop?

If you are open to it, we can secure the poop in one (or two) of our eco-friendly bags and place it in your garbage dumpster. Or we simply haul it away for you. It is totally your choice!

What about picking up in the winter and/or inclement weather?

A general rule of thumb is that if it snows the night before or the-day-of more than 2 inches, there’s a good chance we can’t see the poop, so no pick up would be performed that day. If it is a light rain or light snow flurries, and as long as we can see the poop, we’ll pick up. Heavy rainfall, major thunderstorms, extreme freezing temperatures, and so on will be discussed with the client before or during that particular day of pick up. And no, you won’t be charged for pick ups that we not performed due to inclement weather. Either way, if we cannot perform a pick up due to the weather, we will contact you via text or email as a heads-up.

Will we pick up if dog(s) are in the backyard?

If your pup is friendly, sure! However, if your pup is not a social butterfly and would prefer to eat us, then we kindly ask you to keep your pup in the house or refrained elsewhere. We want to keep your dog and our pick up crew safe at all times.

Is there a first-time pick up charge (if I decide to have you pick up long-term)?

Depending on the last time the poop was picked up, how big the yard is, how many dogs you have and so on, a first-time pick up charge might apply to get things under control. This can be discussed during the initial discussion.

Do you offer just a one-time pick up?

Of course! Prices are listed on the price list or you can just give us a shout and we will quote you a price.

What if I have a locked gate?

We simply ask you to unlock it the day of the pick up, and we’ll be happy to lock it behind us when we leave. Or you’re welcome to give us a spare key to the gate. Keep in mind if the gate is locked, and we cannot get into your yard, we will NOT jump the fence and you will likely be charged for the pick up anyway. We want to avoid breaking your fence, or our legs, or landing on a rose bush.

Do you clean all your poop tools between pick up?

We sure do! We spray them down to avoid any cross contamination between yards.

How do I get billed/how do I pay for pick up?

Time of payment is negotiable, either weekly or monthly. We accept Venmo, Paypal and payment by check currently. Payment due dates will be discussed during the consultation or first visit. No online payment offered at this time, though will be in the future.

Do you offer commercial/non-residential pick up?

Yes, we do! We can pick up at local businesses, condo HOA’s, dog parks, apartment complexes, etc. Just give us a shout and we will provide a quote for you.

What is your satisfaction guarantee?

While we think we’re practically perfect in every way, if you are not satisfied with one of our pick up services, we’ll make it right. We will either come back to finish the job (at no extra cost of course), or if we have completely let you down, there will be no charge for that particular pick up.

Are you insured and bonded?

Yes, we are bonded and carry liability insurance! We want to protect you, our business and our pick up crew as well!. Our license : South Jordan City | LCHO202100058 | LICENSED